Leaving a generation trillions in debt is unacceptable and unpatriotic

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The current US national debt is over $19 trillion
National Debt — total debts of government; the total amount of money owed by a nation's central government as a result of borrowing.
The expected deficit for 2016 is $616 Billion
Deficit — excessive amount spent; the annual amount by which expenses exceed income.
The current debt per citizen
is over $58,000
A child born in America today will inherit
$1.5 Million
in federal debt over their lifetime
Foreign countries now own more than
$6 Trillion
in US government debt
of Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy
of Americans do NOT feel confident that life for our children's generation will be better than it has been for us.
of Millennials trust NEITHER political party to handle the budget deficit AND government spending.
of Millennials agree the national debt and federal budget deficit are major problems.
During your stay on this page US debt has increased by
*The national debt increases an average of $2.4 billion per day
If 3/4 of Americans lack confidence for future generations, why aren't they speaking up?
If America is trillions in debt, are we truly free?
Why national debt impacts me?
What could be done
Joining our social networks is just the beginning. To make a difference, we must turn online activity into real world action. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your voice heard:
Call the White House. Call your Senator. Call your House Representatives. Tell them it’s a new AGE, and trillions in debt is not our future.
Print one (or ten!) of our fliers. Hang them in your dorm, car, window, community board, wherever you can, to inform others about the national debt crisis.
Start a discussion! You don't need anything but a voice to educate friends and family about the immorality of debt.
Volunteer with AGE. Whether it's making calls, going door-to-door or holding community discussions, we can't do it alone. Volunteer your time and talents to educate others.
Apathy is out. Activism is in. Imagine what we can accomplish if millions of voices speak out against the burden of debt. This is our future, and we have the power to change it.
What is A Generation Empowered?

A Generation Empowered advocates for the unacceptability of an increasing national debt. We are a bipartisan nonprofit committed to educating Americans on the impact and insanity of $18 trillion in debt. The national debt isn’t a conservative or liberal issue, it’s an American issue. This burden of debt impacts us all. It’s time for Americans to unite and say, “It’s our generation and we’re empowered.”

A Generation Empowered is co-founded by me, Bess Byers, a Millennial who loves fashion, photos and of course, politics. After college, I spent a year in China. With their $1 trillion loan to the U.S., it opened my eyes to our nation’s debt crisis. I became passionate about freedom and the future of our country. Using my experience in market research, I spoke with Americans regarding their feelings on the national debt. I found we severely underestimate how much our country owes, but are outraged when we hear this number is so high. Americans also feel a sense of apathy. The debt is too high to tackle and no group is speaking up for this single issue.

A Generation Empowered is that voice. I’ll take the message of financial accountability to Washington and hold politicians in both parties responsible. This is our future. Politicians can’t spend it. We’ve had enough. It’s time for a new AGE.

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Leaving a generation almost $20 trillion in debt is unacceptable and unpatriotic.

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