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Six Scary Debt Facts

Halloween is Friday, and the only thing scarier than Michael Myers in your window is our increasing national debt. If this year's costume doesn't freak friends out, we've compiled six scary debt facts that surely will.

1.  According to the 2015 White House Budget, the U.S. National Debt will hit $21.67 trillion by the end of Fiscal Year 2019. Frightening!

2. Since 1959, politicians have voted 81 times to increase the debt ceiling. What ghouls!

3. Spending like zombies. In 2014, the government wasted $25 billion on ineffective programs.

4. Bloody mess! Olivier Blanchard, chief economist of the IMF, actually said, “When you see people in trouble because they have too much debt, the solution is actually to create more debt.”

5. U.S. debt held by foreign countries hit a record high this month, at $6.07 trillion

6. Killing our generation? The Social Security Trust Fund will be fully depleted by 2033.

Eeeeeeeek! We'd rather negotiate a budget with Hannibal Lecter than continue down this path. Between debt ceiling hikes, wasteful spending and unfunded liabilities, our economic future is truly horrifying.

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Leaving a generation almost $20 trillion in debt is unacceptable and unpatriotic.

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