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Omnibus Bill

Hi everyone, welcome back to Fiscal Friday. This is Bess Byers with A Generation Empowered. On Saturday, the Senate passed a 1700 page Omnibus spending bill, to fund our government through September 2015. Post vote, Americans took to the Web and soon #CRomnibus was trending. So this week we’re breaking down the naughty and nice of the 2015 Omnibus Spending Bill.

NICE: No taxpayer bailouts for insurance companies per Obamacare’s Risk Corridor program.

NAUGHTY: A provision hidden at the end of the bill (pg. 1599) increases an individual’s maximum annual donation to a national political campaign, from $97k to $777k.

NICE: The bill cuts $345.6 million dollars in funding for the IRS and increases the agency’s oversight requirements.

NAUGHTY: One bill provision decreases regulation of Dodd-Frank and weakens financial reform. In Millennial terms: it lets banks deal in risky markets while receiving federal insurance.

NICE: No more taxpayer funds to commission expensive government portraits. Under the new bill, politicians must use private funds if they want a $50k portrait.

NAUGHTY: In DC it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal, but no smoking pot! The bill contains $680 million in federal funds for DC but there’s a catch. A provision in the bill overturns DC voters’ decision to legalize marijuana.

NICE: The bill requires Executive Orders issued during FY 2015 to include a budgetary impact statement.

Before we go, I’d like to call out Speaker Boehner, whose leadership proved to be a major boner. Despite liberal opposition to the bill, President Obama endorsed it. Heck, even McCain said it’s “jammed full of sh*t.” The only bipartisanship in this bill, is its dissatisfaction felt by all Americans.

Source: House.Gov

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