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Iran and the Military-Industrial Complex

Hi everyone, welcome back to Fiscal Friday. This is Bess Byers with A Generation Empowered. Unless you’ve been in a bunker, you’ve heard something about our Iranian nuclear deal. American politicians don’t do anything unless there’s monetary gain, and Iran is no exception.  So today we’ll look at the deal’s financial ramifications, and why it’s a meltdown on the American taxpayer.

According to the 109-page agreement, Iran will be prevented from producing enough nuclear weapon material for at least ten years. The country must also allow UN inspectors to visit military sites. In exchange, the US and world powers will lift sanctions on Iran, which are estimated to provide $150 billion in revenue for the nation.

Who else profits off the Iran deal?

Well, war is good for war contractors…

U.S. negotiators apprehensively backed a UN Security Council resolution to lift the ban on buying and selling arms and ballistic missile parts to Iran. Under the resolution, restrictions end in five and eight years. 

But war contractors can’t wait. They need money… Now! And they’ll get it.

The Obama administration is negotiating over $6 billion in military equipment sales for Israeli and Gulf Arab states in response to the Iran deal. The US offered to increase Israel’s annual military aid by $1.5 billion per year. They already receive $3 billion a year and by law, 75 percent of that has to be spent in the States, thus boosting Americas defense industry. Contractors benefitting from these billion dollar deals include: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Corp, Raytheon and Elwood National Forge. 

Do you see the cycle?

I get it, Israeli aid is a hot spot, but this deal isn’t about nuclear material or Iran. It’s about redistributing taxpayer dollars to push foreign policy that benefits special interest groups. The fallout from this mess will take years to clean up, unless Americans put an outage to the power defect in politics. Nuclear lingo!

Thoughts on the Iran deal? How does a country trillions in debt provide billions in aid? How do you feel about your money being sent overseas, only to come back and buy weapons? Is foreign aid PC for for crony capitalism? 

This is Bess Byers, asking questions and signing off. Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel, and remember, it’s your generation and you’re empowered!

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