"If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."
— Wes Nisker, Radio Commentator

ISFLC 2015 Coverage

A Generation Empowered sponsored its first conference booth at the 8th Annual International Students for Liberty Conference February 13 to 15 in Washington DC. Over a thousand attendees from around the world gathered to partake in the message of liberty. 

While I missed most breakout sessions due to working our table, I dipped out to catch Edward Snowden, Judge Andrew Napolitano and my personal favorite, Ron Paul. Words cannot describe how it felt to hear three such influential people speak.

Snowden Skyped in from Russia, for obvious reasons. He said the longer people stay quiet, the more systemized government becomes. Snowden reminded attendees that once we've become accustomed to the system, "it's difficult to claw back the rights we've lost," and  to remember "we have more power than we realize."

Judge Napolitano gave a passionate speech about freedom. The only way we lose our liberties is by our behavior. We give them up. "Human freedom lies at the heart of every individual," Napolitano said, "the tyrant is the government. Everything it does should be challenged without fear."

Ron Paul rounded out night one, touching on the Fed, crony capitalism and liberty. Dr. Paul said society needs more truth tellers, because without truth, we can't solve the problems. If you care about the wars," Paul said, "end the Fed. The Fed funds the wars."

Dr. Paul said liberty has been ignited for several reasons: it's not diverse and it brings people together. The people who want to drink raw milk and the people who want to use marijuana can come together. "If we care about liberty," he said, "bring our troops home and deal with the problems we face here."

Night one ended with a standing ovation, followed by photos with Dr. Paul and a mixer in the exhibit hall.

I spent day two managing our conference table and sharing the message of A Generation Empowered. The positive response to our cause was overwhelming. Attendees love the idea of a single-issue nonprofit focused solely on debt. With politicians dividing us over social issues, we must unite behind economic ones. After all, if the country is broke, it's broke, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

While DC temps hit single digits, our signups surpassed 60. Between sharing our message to networking with libertarian organizations ISFLC marked a great conference kickoff for A Generation Empowered. I'm just one girl who loves her country, but you can bet I'm just getting started!

Watch our video below to hear what attendees think of the national debt, and what millennials can do to tackle this trillion dollar problem!

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