"If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."
— Wes Nisker, Radio Commentator

Socialism in Seattle — Part Deux

Bernie's back, and so are we, for round two of Socialism in Seattle. We hit the streets surrounding Safeco Field to speak with rally attendees about Bernie's platform, ideal tax rates and that pesky term "democratic socialist."

We asked everyone the same set of questions. Why do you feel the Bern? Can you explain the difference between socialism and democratic socialism? Are you worried about your taxes going up? What do you think an American making $40k/year should pay in taxes, what percentage? Are you registered to vote and voting in the caucus?

Zero percent of respondents knew Bernie Sanders' tax plan, and one hundred percent of them would oppose it if they did.

Comment warriors claim we cherry pick *bad* interviews in an attempt to spear parties. Not true! Our goal is always to interview a diverse set of respondents across all ages, genders, race, occupation, sexual orientation and income. I spent two years in marketing research, specifically ethnography and focus groups, and have transferred that knowledge over to my love of politics. It's amazing what people will say if you let them talk.

This is Bess Byers, signing out. Remember, it's your generation, and you're empowered!



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