"If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."
— Wes Nisker, Radio Commentator

The Time is Now

Joining our social networks is just the beginning. To make a difference, we must take online activity and turn it into real world action. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your voice heard:

  • Call the White House. Call your Senator. Call your House Representatives. Tell them it’s a new AGE, and trillions in debt is not our future.
  • Print one (or ten!) of our fliers. Hang them in your dorm, car, window, community board, wherever you can, to inform others about the national debt crisis.
  • Start a discussion! You don’t need anything but a voice to educate friends and family about the immorality of debt.
  • Volunteer with AGE. Whether it's making calls, going door-to-door or holding community discussions, we can't do it alone. Volunteer your time and talents to educate others.

Apathy is out. Activism is in. Imagine what we can accomplish if millions of voices speak out against the burden of debt. This is our future, and we have the power to change it.

Write to Bess

Why do I care about the debt? What's it like to start a political nonprofit? What can AGE do better to educate Millennials? I can't do this alone, and your feedback matters!

Help me take our message of debt to DC, write me a letter today.


Your donation allows us to educate Americans on the enormity and impact of national debt. Any contribution helps. Please consider donating.


Calling All Creatives

Are you passionate about the national debt? Are you a writer, photographer, videographer or artist? Would you like to use your talents to make a difference?

Contact us and make our generation, A Generation Empowered.

Spread the Word

Tell your family, friends, co-workers and classmates, the time for action is now. There's no better way to make an impact than to volunteer with AGE.


Leaving a generation almost $20 trillion in debt is unacceptable and unpatriotic.

Thank you!
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